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3 Best Places to Visit in luxury tour Israel

Best Places to Visit in luxury tour Israel | TLV VIP
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Start your journey of Private tour Israel in Tel Aviv, a beachfront city with a free-spirited vibe, after arriving at Ben Gurion Airport. Rent an Airbnb near Gordon-Frishman Beach, or stay at the Sheraton Tel Aviv, to be right next to the shore. Israel’s liveliest metropolis, Tel Aviv, offers a wide variety of things to do, see, and eat through its luxury travel and tours Israel. Some of the highlights of the luxury tour package Israel to not miss are listed below:

  • For a genuine Israeli open-air market where you may eat street cuisine and buy for trinkets, go to Carmel Market (Shuk Ha’Carmel).
  • Wander Jaffa’s charming ancient town. When everything is attractively lighted up in the evening, stroll around the streets and beside the harbour while the Jaffa flea market is open throughout the day.
  • Enjoy Tel Aviv’s nightlife while strolling around Rothschild and Allenby.
  • Discover Florentine, a lively and artistic district with lots of eateries and coffee houses.
  • Hakosem serves the greatest Shawarma and Falafel.
  • At the beach, you may swim in the water, have a hookah or a beverage, and soak up the sun.
  • If you have the time, visit the breathtaking Baha’i Gardens in the lovely city of Haifa.


Then, take a city bus down to Jerusalem, the greatest location on earth. As you explore sacred sites and immerse yourself in all that is really Israeli, enjoy an immersive cultural experience. Rent an Airbnb near Ben Yehuda Street or stay at The Mamilla to be closest to the city’s hub. Explore one of the finest vineyards close to Jerusalem for a half-day of wine tasting, such as Castel Flam or Tishbi. Tour Vad Vashem, the biggest and most thorough Holocaust museum in the world. Understand about the IDF troops’ counterterrorism strategies for a couple of hours at Caliber 3 while developing a taste for tactical instruction and weapon usage. Enjoy a delicious Israeli breakfast or lunch that includes a wide variety of salads, dips, and side dishes thought connecting with luxury travel package Israel.

Ein Bokek or Ein Gedi

Rent a vehicle from Jerusalem or catch the Egged bus to the Ein Gedi region to reach the Dead Sea and Masada. The trip should only take an hour to an hour and a half, making it an excellent day excursion from Jerusalem. Stay overnight if you’re staying somewhere else at this Dead Sea Hotel in Ein Bokek, where you can relax on a secluded beach, float, and take use of the Dead Sea’s therapeutic properties as it’s the lowest spot on Earth.


Plan your trip from Masada down south for an additional 2.5 hours to the Israeli beach resort town of Eilat, where you may stay a night or two. Eilat, which is located on the Red Sea and has more relaxed beaches than Tel Aviv’s Mediterranean shoreline, is a perfect spot to unwind after a hectic journey. The Red Sea’s calm waters provide it a fantastic location for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, and up-close encounters with dolphins at dolphin reef.

Return directly to Tel Aviv from Eilat to round off your journey, or drive down down with a rental vehicle. For the second leg of your journey in Israel, hiring a vehicle is a good idea. While the city can be challenging to manoeuvre due to aggressive driving and parking concerns, the drive across the desert from Jerusalem to Eilat is fairly nice and well worth seeing.

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