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A perfect Private tour Israel

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This ideal luxury tour package Israelfocuses on Israel’s history and cultural heritage in depth. Each day, you’ll travel with your own experienced andprivate tour Israelguide to stay in top accommodations at Israel’s greatest hotels. Enjoy VIP airport service upon arrival before being taken to Jerusalem. Jerusalem, which is totally made of white stone, shines and changes colour as the light changes, from white to pink to rose to gold. Your knowledgeable private guide will take the lovely city and its fascinating, multi-layered history to life.

The whole Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with tremendous religious, historic, and archaeological significance. Visit the Holy Sites, the Monastery of the Holy Sepulchre, the Via Dolorosa, and the Western Wall, as well as the Western Wall’s excavation tunnels.Explore the Old City’s Christian, Muslim, and Armenian neighbourhoods’ tiny alleys, twisting passageways, and airy strip malls, old churches and temples, market stalls, and stores.

Adore an in-depth journey of the Old City’s Jewish Quarter, see the Knesset Menorah, and take a trip captivating but slightly better landmarks and neighbourhoods, such as MishkenotSha’ananim, the first Jewish neighbourhood built outside the walls of the Old City, in addition to visiting well-known sights and areas such as Mount Zion, YadVashem, Mt. Herzl, and the Western Wall.One day, take a gourmet expert-guided tour of the Machane Yehuda Market. Taste local delicacies like burekas, chocolates salted caramel ice cream, and halvah, and stock up on regional staples like tahini, za’atar, dried fruits, and almonds. On another day, take a private trip to the Dead Sea.

Visit a Dead Sea beach and, if wanted, rest in the salt and mineral-laden water, which is known for its buoyancy and medicinal properties. You’ll also have access to a neighbouring hotel’s spas and a buffet meal. You may also go for a stroll in the verdant EinGedi oasis or visit Qumran, an ancient site encircling the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.If wished, we can organise a dinner with a local chef, a tour of the ancient City of David, participation in an archaeological excavation, a stroll through the city’s ancient shallow groundwater caverns, specialised shopping, or exclusive meetings with local religious experts, geo-political experts, chefs, artists, fashion designers, owners, or even former Israeli operatives.

Then, on your way to Tel Aviv, enjoy some free time to explore and benefit luxury travel package Israel. Explore the mysterious village of Safed, one of the Talmud’s four holy towns and the cradle of Kabbalah. Finish in Tel Aviv, a bustling city on the Mediterranean Sea. Other alternatives in Tel Aviv include specialty shopping, wandering around the harbourneighbourhood, and stylish HaTachana. In your spare time, you may go to the beach, shop at the city’s markets, or dine at one of the city’s outstanding restaurants. All our luxury tour Israelwill help you provide an effective guide to explore the sites according to your time and need. We will provide you best guides to have an everlasting impression of Israel in your memories.

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