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All in Luxury Tour Israel

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Whether you’ve been dreaming of a vacation to the Holy Land or you’re a local looking for a staycation, enjoy it in style. Immerse yourself in this mysterious nation while indulging in higher levels of comfort and enjoyment with luxury tour package Israel. Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport is expedited. Visit historical sights with a vip tour and an air-conditioned car. Then, at the end of the day, sink into velvety sheets to recharge for another day of adventure. Relax in one of the country’s unrivalled spas. Experiment with the haute cuisine cornucopia of some of Israel’s top restaurants. Satisfy all of your senses before returning for seconds. If it’s your first visit or you’ve been here before, it’s opportunity to explore real luxury travel in Israel.

  • Luxury Hotels

When exploring Israel, there is always something to see and do! You’ve undoubtedly been looking forward to this vacation for a lifetime, so no question you’ll be driving across the nation trying to take in as much as possible. You may be certain that when you return to your resort, elevated linens will feel like bliss. Need we say more about the world-class spas and terraced rooftop restaurants with award-winning chefs and breathtaking views? Experience the top luxury hotels in Israel for yourself for the whole of your trip – or just a splurge in Tel Aviv to get things started right.

  • Special Packages and  Tour Plans

True luxury means not having to worry about logistics, especially when local specialists can build personalised trips to meet your needs. Wake up whenever you choose and have a leisurely breakfast before being picked up by the hotel at your selected time. Cruise across the nation in air-conditioned luxury as a qualified guide tells you intriguing stories and historical information about the places you’re about to see. Experience the locations you’ve wanted to see for a lifetime at your own speed — unhurried and mystical. Then, after a fantastic day, enjoy the comfort of being dropped off right at your hotel. Whether you want to schedule a few private trips or the entire package, you should indulge in this luxury travel and tours Israel at least once!

  • Luxury Spas

Nothing says luxury like a spa – and Israel takes spa culture to new heights. Choose among vistas of the Dead Sea, the Negev Desert, or the historic port cities of Jaffa and Akko.  The Dead Sea is dotted with hotel resorts that provide luxurious spas with day tickets available. The Carmel Forest Spa at the Beresheet Hotel is where the residents flock for a 5-star experience in the parched desert. In Old Jaffa, you may choose between The Setai’s luxurious therapies and the tranquil Yoko Kitahara Japanese Spa. Head to Akko’s Efendi Hotel for sheer luxury and old charm, and experience their original hammam and treatment of choice.

  • Cuisine in Israel

The availability of fresh, high-quality vegetables and seafood in Israel, along with the country’s innovative culture, results in spectacular culinary accomplishments. Don’t leave the Holy Land without trying one of Israel’s top restaurants — one mouthful and you’ll be anticipating your next Private tour Israel!

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