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Welcome to Upgrade VIP, where we redefine the art of travel in the stunning Mediterranean gem Malta. Travel should be an exquisite journey filled with indulgence, convenience, and unforgettable moments. Dive into the world of Malta airport meet services and discover how we upgrade your travel experience.

About Upgrade VIP:

Upgrade VIP is not just offering airport assist services Malta; it’s an experience. We are your passport to unparalleled luxury in Malta, offering a suite of services that make your visit extraordinary. Whether exploring the island’s rich history, indulging in its Mediterranean cuisine, or soaking in its natural beauty, Upgrade VIP ensures your journey is extraordinary.

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Avoid long lines and wait time during departure and arrival with our personal VIP services and assistance. Ask our online customer service team for help.

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Assistance from your vehicle, to the check-in counter, VIP airport lounge... all the way to the aircraft entrance and everything in between.

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We reach beyond national borders to provide a truly global concierge service. We have an expert team to support you.

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Airport VIP:

Imagine stepping off your flight and immediately being transported into a world of unrivaled comfort and convenience. Our VIP airport assist services Malta ensure your arrival, departure, or connecting flights are hassle-free. This experience includes dedicated immigration and security channels, exclusive access to a private lounge, and expert assistance with your luggage. Your journey begins and ends with tranquility and ease.


Our car hire Malta Airport transcends the mundane when you travel with Upgrade VIP. Our transportation services feature a fleet of opulent vehicles, including limousines and chauffeured cars. Our Malta airport assist services ensure you reach your destination with sophistication and style, transforming every journey within Malta into a comfortable and luxurious experience.


The foundation of an exceptional trip is where you rest your head at night. At Upgrade VIP, we’ve curated a selection of premium accommodations to cater to your every preference. Be it an elegant beachfront villa, a historic city-center hotel, a charming countryside retreat, or VIP airport lounge services in Malta, we provide lodging that perfectly matches your style and desires, guaranteeing an unforgettable stay.


Your Upgrade VIP experience is only complete with the unmatched service of our dedicated concierge team. From securing reservations at the most exquisite restaurants to Malta Airport VIP lounge to organizing private yacht charters and planning special events, our concierge service caters to your every whim. We are here to ensure your stay in Malta is effortless and indulgent.


Malta is a treasure trove of adventure, boasting historical marvels and breathtaking natural wonders. Our Escapades service is tailored to immerse you in Malta’s enchanting beauty. Discover ancient temples, dive into crystalline waters, or savor exclusive wine tours. These experiences are designed to align with your interests and create lifelong memories.


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Booking was easy and great communication throughout. The agent met us at the airport and everything went so fast and efficient! Would definitely use this service again, it saved us so much time and stress!
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To reserve our services, visit our website at and follow the simple booking process.

The Airport VIP service encompasses fast-track security and immigration clearance, access to a private lounge, and assistance with luggage.

Absolutely. We provide various accommodation options and work with you to tailor your lodging to your preferences.

We offer a selection of high-end vehicles, including limousines and chauffeured cars, to meet your transportation needs.

Our escapades range from historical tours to leisurely cruises, wine tastings, and more. We create experiences that match your interests.

You can reach our concierge team through the contact details provided on our website or during the booking process.

Yes, we can arrange group bookings and tailor our services to meet your specific event requirements.

Absolutely. Our concierge team can arrange everything from romantic dinners to surprise events for special occasions.

We are committed to ensuring your safety. We strictly adhere to all local and international health guidelines, including sanitization and social distancing measures.

Upgrade VIP stands out for its commitment to personalization, exclusivity, and meticulous attention to detail. We go above and beyond to ensure your trip is a unique experience you’ll cherish forever.

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Upgrade your Malta journey with Upgrade VIP, where every aspect is meticulously designed to make your visit exceptional. Book your luxury experience today, and let us craft a travel adventure that will remain etched in your memories forever.

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