Discover Tel Aviv Vibrant Art and Culture in One Epic Day!



Join us on an unforgettable private and exclusive journey through the vibrant art and culture scene of Tel Aviv and nearby.



1 Day

Tour Plan

The daring Herzliya Museum, experience the latest works from local and international artists, while learning about contemporary Israeli art and its connection to the global scene.

Explore the unique architecture and urban culture of the waterfront Marina, where business, housing, and sports all meet in a beautiful and functional space.

Head to the Tel Aviv Museum, be immersed in Israeli photography, painting, and art from the museum's own collection. Tour the museum surroundings, including the stunning new building and nearby cultural hotspots like the Cameri Theatre and Opera House, feel a sense of wonder and inspiration.

Stroll through the charming neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, discover the beautiful Gutman museum, Tavi gallery, and a host of other galleries showcasing contemporary art.

Head to the Tel Aviv Port, witness beautiful city planning and vibrant city life on the water, and explore local galleries like the 'Comme-Il-Faut' gallery and the Ze Ze Ze gallery for architecture.

Journey continues at the lively Shuk Ha Carmel, the heart of the city's bazaar, be transported by the sights, smells, and sounds of local artists showcasing their work. Pass by the unique Mazze 9 art project and visit Beit Ha'ir, a contemporary fashion and art space housed in the former city hall building.

Visit Bialik house, the home of Israel's national poet, and the Reuven museum, featuring the work of one of Israel's founding painters.

If you want an even deeper experience, just ask and we'll take you to the back room art studios to meet the artists themselves.

This tour promises to be a feast for your senses and a journey that will leave you feeling inspired, awed, and grateful for the vibrant art and culture of Tel Aviv.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience!

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