Israel’s Cutting-Edge AgriTech Tour: The Future of Farming



Welcome to the ultimate agricultural technology tour of Israel!



1 Day

Tour Plan

Visit to Rehovot University's agricultural department, discover the latest techniques in farming.

Witness how research and technology have revolutionized agriculture close to the Gaza strip. Innovative farming practices are being used to increase crop yield and quality, while reducing water consumption.

Naan Dan Jain, a world-renowned leader in precision irrigation technology. Explore the facility and see how their advanced irrigation systems are used for commercial farming. Learn how their cutting-edge technology can help farmers produce healthier and more sustainable crops, while also reducing water waste.

After exploring Israel's agricultural technology, head to Tel Aviv to experience the city's landmarks. Our tour will take us to Ha Shalom Towers, see a miniature replica of Tel Aviv and learn about its unique history. Visit the Bauhaus district, known for its iconic architecture, and walk through Rothschild to experience the energy of the city.

We'll wrap up our day by exploring the vibrant Carmel Market and the bohemian neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. Opportunity to taste and shop for local produce and goods, and take in the colorful sights and sounds of this bustling city.

This agricultural technology tour of Israel is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the latest advancements in farming techniques, while also experiencing the best of Tel Aviv's culture and landmarks.

Come join us for a day filled with excitement, inspiration, and education.

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