Jalilah will host you at her home in Kfar Zarzir, a Bedouin village near Nahalal  in the Jezreel Valley.

Meet an inspiration Bedouin Jalila and learn about women position in society  in the past and present. In addition to the family story as a nephew of Amos Yarkoni whose original name was, Abu Almajid Hahder who was close was Moshe Dayan

The meeting will deal with two issues – the family story of Jalila and the status of the Bedouin woman from the establishment of the State until today.

Jalilah’s goal is to open the door to her house and to enable visitors to get to know the Bedouins and thereby connect the citizens of the state, even if they are different from one another

Cooking workshops – up to 15 people

Preparation of Cuba, vine leaves, stuffed chicken, vine leaves and salads according to season, including meal.

Duration: 3 hours. Without a kosher certificate. Kosher products.

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