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1 Day

Tour Plan

Tel Aviv

City Tour Of Tel Aviv – The Insider City experience includes meeting, experiencing life and creation in Tel Aviv, can include the Bauhaus district, Rothschild Independence Hall, HaShalom Towers, the shopping mecca of Sheinkin, Carmel Market.

Premium Vegan Tour. Food is an integral part of the intriguing culinary scene in Tel Aviv, and the city streets are filled with vendors offering dishes and snacks from around the world. In the heart of those is “Israeli” food, including Falafel, Hummus, Sabich and Burekas. Each from a different origin country, but all are invaluable parts of the Israeli kitchen.

Stroll along Rothschild Boulevard and explore the Bauhaus district of the White City with your guide. Free evening.
Dinner at a good local restaurant (option to include)
Enjoy Tel Aviv beach and sunset


Explore Jaffa with a your tour guide, visiting top 3 things to do according to your interests, followed by a Segway Tour Of Jaffa and Neve Tzedek (the oldest part of Tel Aviv).

Caesarea and Haifa

Tour Caesarea National Park with a licensed private guide to see the magnificent remains of Herod’s city, the Roman capital and port and fortified Crusader town.
Visit the Roman Theater and the renovated port area surrounded by 800-year-old walls.
Visit Baha’i temple at Haifa.
Free time at the beautiful beach of Haifa.

The Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights

Start your day in the Kabbalah town of Tzfat (Safed) where the Jewish texts were born in ancient times and where you can still breathe the mystical atmosphere of a very special place. Your guide will take you to the synagogues and the little alleys with their unique shops and galleries – because Tzfat is, today, also an artist colony.
The Golan Heights is famous for its wines and a wine tasting is a must-do if you are in the region! You will visit a boutique winery and taste their local wine.
Continue your day in Katzrin and its Talmudic village
End your day with a boat ride on the famous waters of the Sea of Galilee.


Start your tour in a Jerusalem Market for a gastronomic journey. Explore the Machane Yehuda market while gathering ingredients for a culinary workshop in a Chef’s home. Discover how to pick the best ingredients, enjoy the fruits of your visit with a rooftop dining experience, where you will learn to prepare dishes like handmade gnocchi with green almonds and chard, young garlic soup, and stews made from the bounty of the market.

In the afternoon, go ATV touring against the stunning backdrop of the forests and streams through the Jerusalem Hills.

Jerusalem Old City

Begin your day with a visit to the Mount of Olives to view the city’s famous sites.

Then onto Mt. Zion, through the Zion Gate, one of Jerusalem’s historic gates, walk through the Jewish Quarter, visit the Cardo, View the Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock, and the Western Wall.

Immerse yourself along the Via Dolorosa, visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and meet stall sellers in the fascinating markets that Jerusalem has to offer.

Continue onto the Tower of David Museum to walk the walls of Jerusalem. Visit the Tomb of King David and the Room of the Last Supper.

Join a traditional Dinner with a local Jewish family – an unmissable experience to witness the Israeli lifestyle “from the inside”

Amazing day of Wonder - Hiking, Rappelling and Spelunking at the Dead Sea

An underground natural phenomena, the Salt Wonder is one of the most unique, adventurous and exciting places in Israel. With a desert hike scaling sheer cliffs using ladders and stairs, breathtaking scenery, dramatic rappelling and spelunking in the sublime underground salt cave, leads you through an incredibly diverse range of activities.

Our adventure will start at the lowest spot on earth 1,370 feet below sea level with a steep, uphill hike to the top of a natural salt mountain. As we make our way up we will marvel at the awe-inspiring views of the Dead Sea spread out beneath our feet and the Mountains of Jordan just beyond. Our hike will reach a cozy canyon, where a mysterious and substantially sized hole will lead us deep into the belly of the earth. Here, your guide will set up ropes to belay each person – one at a time – nearly 300 feet down through a gradually widening chimney made of pure salt to the cave floor. One of the most unique rappels – if not the best – in Israel, your eyes will pop with wonder at the multi-hued salt-crystal walls.

Once everyone has gathered at the bottom, a real spelunking hike begins into the depths of this huge natural salt cave. Natural salt caves are a rare geological phenomena that can be toured in only Israel. Unlike limestone caves, where stalactites and stalagmites form into nearly shapeless cones, the salt crystals of this cave grow into beautiful and extraordinary shapes sparkling with different colors in the beam of your headlamps.

During our adventurous spelunking through this unique cave we will crawl through tight spots, climb into huge chambers, and see rare sights that very few humans have seen. You will even need to crawl on your belly in two short spots! Our exploration of the Salt Wonder’s surreal underground beauty will end when we eventually pop out of the cave by the beach of the Dead Sea. Includes equipment. The rappelling is mandatory. The caving is challenging but anyone in decent shape can do it.

This tour can be done as a day hike, or for a special treat, at sunrise. During the day you have the full impact of the panoramic desert views. If you start at about four in the morning, we get to the peak of the mountain just at dawn. We will stop for tea or coffee and watch the glorious blues, oranges, pinks and greens of the sunrise over the desert. After sunrise we will enter the cave. ”
“Buffet lunch at the Herods Dead Sea. Enjoy the private beach and pool, shower kit and towel, locker included. Float in the water of the Dead Sea, the saltiest body of water and enjoy a drink in the lowest place on earth.
1.15 hour to Cramim Spa Hotel Refresh ”
Explore the legendary hilltop fortress of Masada, ascending the mountain with a cable car. Walk through the ruins while your guide tells you Masada’s tragic tale and admire the view over the Dead Sea and Jordan

Stop at the Dead Sea for a dip before ending your day.

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