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Secluded Winery Tour in the Emek Haela, Beit Shemesh Valley with Amnon

Price $930 ( 1 Day )

Secluded Winery Tour in the Emek Haela, Beit Shemesh Valley with Amnon

$930 Private Bookings

In the area where the Sun rises above the mountains of the holy Land, not far from the Historic Battle between David and Goliath, located in the heart of Gizos fertile area, some excellent Wineries which produce mostly dry wines (Red, white and orange) with a secluded taste and aromatic senses.

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1 Day
  • Included
    Professional and licensed tour guide
  • Optional to add
    Additional hours and overmileage
    Driver tips (discretionary)
    Entrance Fees dependant on each site outside of itinerary
    Food and Drink outside of itinerary
    Guide tips (discretionary)
    Host for Groups above 20 people
    Overnight for guides and drivers outside Tel Aviv
    Professional photographer to join and take photos with digital copies for your lasting memories

Tour Plan

Silent monks in Latrun Monestary

We shall start our tour visiting the Silent monks in Latrun Monestary. This monastery built in 1926 by monks who arrived from the beautiful ancient – historic  town called “La-Trep”. However there are some evidence that connects the origin of the order to Christ time, more specific to the Good Thief who was also crucified by the Romans. We’ll visit the inside of the church and the beautiful gardens that surround it, the winery fields and of course the famous winery shop of the monastery which produces 25,000 bottles each year. Later on we’ll proceed to a boutique winery located in Moshav Bkoah. This winery is a family business owned by the Rozenberg family while beside functioning as a winery, also a dairy, which produces goats’ and cattle’s cheese. We will try up to 3-4 different secluded wine choices (two reds and two whites as well as the cheese).

Sorek Winery in Kibbutz Nachshon

Continue forward to Sorek Winery located in Kibbutz Nachshon. This winery, beside making its own brand fine tastes (expertise in different aromatic red dry wines as well as dessert wine), is functioned during the week as a school for the wine industry, while making classes and activities considering the creation of wine, with expert people to the wine industry. From there we’ll drive a little to Moshav Karmey Yosef to visit the Bravado Winery Family business. Being a boutique winery, it offers a secluded own productive wines. We we’ll try some of them as well see the barrels where the wine is being kept. If we’re lucky we’ll meet a professor for the history of wine which we’ll teach us about the early days of the wine Industry in Israel.

Moshav Kfar Oria and Kedma Winery

Continuing to Moshav Kfar Oria, located in the heart of Gizos’ district in an opened scenic valley.

This winery called Kedma distinguished itself from the others by making and keeping the wine in Clay barrels, based on the Georgian tradition. This is way it used to be kept in the fertile area in Kahety, Georgia back in the 4th century. We’ll meet Lina, the owner of the winery, a Georgian descended to a winery family which created this perfect, beautiful winery. We’ll be given a thorough explanation about the creation and keeping of the wines by her, as well as watch a very interesting movie.

Nevot Winery 

We’ll finish our beautiful day with an optional vegetarian meal in Nevot Winery located in the beautiful Gizos’ forest. Like the wine, our beautiful small country is getting better; better through the years, while the fertile land in which the country was blessed by giving the opportunity to create and raise high quality of wine choices that you’ll be exposed to during our magical day.

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