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Due to Corona Virus Outbreak, the Ministry of Health's Guidance means that VIP Services at Israel Airports are restricted to fewer staff. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please contact us with your question, we'll be glad to hear from you. Wishing you good health, TLV VIP Team.

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      All the activities are booked for the family. We recommend to book the driver guide now, pay direct to the sites for the entrance fees. Most of the activities are the family by themselves, the archaeological excavation might be with […]

      $3950 / Private Bookings ( 5 Day )
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      Photos: Kitron Winery, taken by Kitron Winery. Want to explore beautiful Northern Israel with a touch of indulgence and adventure, but have little time? Take off from near Tel Aviv in the morning, and by the afternoon, you will have […]

      $3325 / Private Bookings ( 1 day )
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      Did you know that music can change the way that wine grows? Your Northern Israel Helicopter Trip with the organic Lotem Winery in the center of the lower Galilee, will show you how it happens! An up-close and personal VIP […]

      $3025 / Private Bookings ( 1 Day )
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      Lower Galilee and Golan Heights Tour explores at your choice and leisure, Megiddo, the lakes of Jordan and Tiberias, the Mount of Beatitudes Tabgha, Capernaum and the Golan Heights. Check out the tour Plan for more info. If you want […]

      $1065 / Private Bookings ( 1 Day )
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      Explore new Israeli Innovative Technology and Advanced Agriculture

      $8400 / Private Bookings ( 7 Days )
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      Private Fun Israel Tour

      Explore exclusive, off the beaten track, tailored and personal experiences in Israel! Your licensed friendly tour guide hosts you for your private visit, in a VIP air conditioned private luxury vehicle for all your tours and included activities. Making a […]

      $13196 / Private Bookings ( 9 Days )
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      Explore Galilee Private Tour

      Visit the Church of the Annunciation, on to Cana of Galilee, then drive to Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. Continue to Capernaum to see the ruins of the ancient synagogue dating back to the 4th century. Continue to Tabgha, […]

      $1150 / Private Bookings ( 1 Day )
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        Delicious Israeli wines at boutiques and large wineries, paired with home-made, paired fresh Israeli food products, enjoyed in beautiful surroundings with your expert personal tour guide. Making a booking: Select the date and time for your tour or activity. […]

      $890 / Private Bookings ( 1 Day )
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      Get ready for the richest culinary experience possible in Israel that takes you across the country, from Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem, a journey into the Wilderness, your food and drink extravaganza! The rate is priced for a private group of […]

      $8900 / Private Bookings ( 8 Days )
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      Israel’s Mediterranean climate means it’s an all-season travel destination. Summers are hot (90 degrees in places), the beach or a refreshing pool are never too far away. In winter, most of Israel is still enjoying sunny temperatures around 70 degrees. […]

      $7340 / Private Bookings ( 10 Days )
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      Israelis are experts in food and drink. Find out why we think so! Taste the Hospitality of the Middle East with cultures and cuisines salad in one dish. Please view the tour plan above to see your itinerary which can […]

      $3838 / Private Bookings ( 6 Days )
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      Photo: Bahai’ gardens Haifa, taken by our TLV VIP photographer. See the most popular places in Israel with a private tour guide: Tel Aviv – famous city, which never sleeps, Jerusalem – holy city and the capital of Israel. Spend […]

      Private Bookings ( 5 Days )
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