Personal Security and Private Bodyguards in Israel

Israel is one of the safest places in the world. We are often asked for extra personal security for families and VIPs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other major areas for additional peace of mind and comfort.

Bodyguards and personal security in Israel are provided to protect VIPs, installations and events. personal security services in Israel is a sensitive, unique and delicate challenge in cities and at tourist sites. There are dynamic, complex and difficult situations, that create the need for special and professional bodyguards and personal security by your side, that will provide tailor-made solutions to your visit to Israel.

Our Israeli close protection agents have more than 20 years of high-level security experience. They have served in elite units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF); the Israeli Secret Service (ISS), some agents have served in its top unit, the National Dignitary Protection unit (NDP).

Our bodyguards and personal security agents have been responsible for the lives of the most important international figures, such as the prime minister of Israel, the presidents of United States and France, The King of Jordan, the Pope and many more. They have also been responsible for the safety of sport and culture delegations like the Philharmonic Orchestra, national sport teams and youth delegations.

We provide bodyguards and personal security agents for VIP travel services in Israel to the private and public sector, and all of the past projects were conducted professionally and with great success.

Our teams engage in the protection of:

  • Families and private leisure visits
  • Corporate and Business and associates
  • Sport teams and Cultural delegations
  • Representatives going to to high risk zones

Our personal security services in Israel are highly flexible and are adjusted to each assignment according to its specific requirements. Our agents’ display know-how, experience and performance, making them the best in the close protection and bodyguard field.

Enhance your VIP security with a TLV VIP vehicle including armored cars, bulletproof vehicles or a private helicopter.

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