High profile clients from government or corporate sector most often travel with high grade security. Whether its for leisure or business, we provide Israel VIP security drivers and bodyguards for providing round the clock protection from threats emanating from criminals or terrorism.

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Personal Security and Private Bodyguards in Israel

Israel is one of the safest places in the world. We are often asked for extra personal security for families and VIPs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other major areas for additional peace of mind and comfort.

Bodyguards and personal security in Israel are provided to protect VIPs, installations and events. personal security services in Israel is a sensitive, unique and delicate challenge in cities and at tourist sites. There are dynamic, complex and difficult situations, that create the need for special and professional bodyguards and personal security by your side, that will provide tailor-made solutions to your visit to Israel.

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Our Israeli close protection agents have more than 20 years of high-level security experience. They have served in elite units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF); the Israeli Secret Service (ISS), some agents have served in its top unit, the National Dignitary Protection unit (NDP).

Our Israeli bodyguards and personal security agents have been responsible for the lives of the most important international figures, such as the prime minister of Israel, the presidents of United States and France, The King of Jordan, the Pope and many more. They have also been responsible for the safety of sport and culture delegations like the Philharmonic Orchestra, national sport teams and youth delegations.

We provide Israeli bodyguards and personal security agents for VIP travel services to the private and public sector, and all of the past projects were conducted professionally and with great success.

Languages spoken: English – Hebrew – French – Russian  – Spanish – German

Our teams engage in the protection of:

  • Families and private leisure visits
  • Corporate and Business and associates
  • Sport teams and Cultural delegations
  • Representatives going to to high risk zones

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Israeli VIP Security and Bodyguards Packages

Platinum – Close protection officer (CPO) weekday 24 hours. Contact us here for more info

Gold – Close protection officer (CPO) in standby – weekday 24 hours. Contact us here for more info

Silver – 24/7 monitoring services. Contact us here for more info

The VIP is monitored by our team 24h with intervals that are convenient to the client every 1-4H – in rotation. In case of an event – security team approach VIP directly.

The VIP carries their mobile phone as first mean of communication, and deliver other details for backup eg Friend’s mobile, room hotel number.

Timing for “”hand touch”” – in central Israel – up to 1.5 hours, in Eilat – upto 4 hours.”

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Backup services – for free in case of nothing happening.

In case of emergency – 30% commission added to every service required in case of en extraction (tickets, accommodation, transportation etc.). In case of extraction the day of traveling with or without the client considered as CPO working day. ” Contact us here for more info

Our personal Israeli VIP security services are highly flexible and are adjusted to each assignment according to its specific requirements. Our agents’ display know-how, experience and performance, making them the best in the close protection and bodyguard field.

Advanced planning

TLV VIP prepares and executes travel solutions, including air and ground transportation, accommodations and events, while paying special attention to detail that makes any environment not only secure, but also productive, pleasant and memorable.

Advanced Preparation: By pre-scouting all possible destinations (such as hotels, meeting sites, ER locations etc.), TLV VIP protection teams are prepared for all eventualities addressing unanticipated conditions, we facilitate quick and smooth entry and exit, and we address special conditions and the unique circumstances of any environment or venue to deal with potential emergencies and evacuation.

Pre scouting: Operational team will scout every meeting location/route /ER location long side the visit route / hotels etc.

Operational Protocol: Each and every operation has a hard copy operational protocol that includes the operational agenda / assignments /emergency.

Intelligence: TLV VIP operations are evaluating the operational movement in advance and all along the operation – in house intelligence department provides the assessments with the assistance with connections in the police and secret service operational units. (Most of this info provided to us off record).

Discretion: TLV VIP maintains complete confidentiality, discretion and privacy in all aspects of customer service.

Standby Services

In case of emergency, standby agents provide the right solution (combat and /or evacuation, first aid etc.). Support teams are also available for missions.

Medical emergency

  • TLV VIP team supports this important issue with the following standards:
  • Each team member has background and knowledge of providing FA & CPR.
  • Scout in advance all ER long side the visits route.
  • Doctor or a paramedic provided on request.


TLV VIP protection team is fully insured to provide Executive Protection services.

Secure Transportation

TLV VIP transportation service provides protected vehicle and airborne transport with the highest level of comfort, convenience and security.

The operational transportation has critical role in an executive protection operation especially during short business tours.

Enhance your VIP security with a TLV VIP vehicle including armored cars, bulletproof vehicles or a private helicopter.

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*Please Note

The final price will be calculated at the end of the VIP’s visit and upon conclusion of the operation, taking into account any changes that may occur and additional requests made by the Client during the course of the visit.

Price does not include meals and accommodation if needed.

Read what our esteemed clients have to say about our services and call us to discuss your visit.

Please contact us to discuss your specific Israeli VIP security needs during the visit.