Tel Aviv is becoming one of the most culturally rich cities in the Middle East in several aspects –
one of them is alternative contemporary art.
Join us on this magical tour through the side streets and alleys of the urban scenery around us,
Nachalat Binyamin Street and Levinsky Market or the world famous hipster neighborhood of Florentine.
We will show you the best works of the street art and graffiti that color the walls of our public lives.
The tour will cover the history, philosophy, styles and different meanings of the art constantly changing around us.


• Explore the side streets and alleys of Tel Aviv
• Learn and see the Israeli alternative art culture

Tour includes

• A professional overview of the street art & graffiti culture

Tour duration: approximately 2 hours
Optional extension – Studio visit

Visit a leading Israeli graffiti artist at their studio, learn about the work and motivation behind the scenes.
Indulge in conversation, ask your own questions and purchase original pieces of art directly from the artist if you wish.

Tour duration: 30-60 Minutes