Wilderness BBQ and Dinner under the stars

Arrive at your dinner venue on an ancient terrace built in the middle of the desert by ancient civilizations.

Be served a delicious selection of freshly grilled meats and fresh salads with baked potatoes all served on a table set in the wilderness. Dinner includes local wine and beer as well as soft drinks. After dinner, relax by the camp fire and then take a short and exciting walk with special UV flash lights that will reveal the scorpions that dwell near by.

Camel Tour

Half an hour camel tour going, going through part of the original perfume route. The track views the magnificent landscapes of Zin valley, Sede-boqer and the white gravel hills of Havarim stream.

Jeep tour in the desert

Continue south to Negev Desert for an Adventure Tour and Sunset in the Desert – arrive at Sde Boker and meet your jeep.Guided jeep tour in the Tzin Valley including a visit to the amazing Akev spring where those that wish can swim in the deep cool pool. If we are fortunate we will see some of the majestic Griffon vultures, and possibly the rarer Egyptian cultures, that nest and roost on the cliffs that tower above the valley floor.

Bedouin Hospitality

At the village, the Bedouin host welcomes you to come inside a Bedouin tent to relax around the fire and sip Bedouin tea spiced with desert herbs. After you have settled down, the Bedouin host will perform the traditional coffee making ceremony roasting the coffee beans and drumming a traditional rhythm as he is grinding the coffee in a stone mortar. As the traditional coffee making ceremony is finishing, fire baked pita will be passed around for tasting. Explanations will accompany the occasion, enriched with stories from these desert dwelling people.

Dinner Bedouin Style Dining Sheik style: Bedouin hosts welcome all the guests and invite them to relax and sit on soft colorful sofas next to low tables, laden with delicacies. Alternatively, guests can find high wooden chairs and tables. In the centre of the tables are small oriental bowls filled with colorful salads: spiced Arabic salad, thick green tahini, homemade pickles, spicy matbuha, fried eggplant with mint and cabbage with ground pepper. Alongside the salads there are jugs filled with cool fresh water and mint lemonade.

Your Bedouin hosts serve big trays laden with homemade pita: thin Fatir (Bedouin pita) and Pourna pita with onion and hyssop. Your hosts come again with big Sanias with seasoned Bedouin rice and vegetables,together with Stuffed vegetables and sweet corn arranged around it. And then, from the kitchen come trays laden with succulent meat: Skewered tender chicken and homemade kebabs. All the dishes are lavish, in accord with Bedouin hospitality. To complete the meal guests are offered spiced Bedouin tea and Turkish coffee, baklava (sweet pastries) and seasonal fruits. Meals are served with reusable wares.

Overnight in Desert Away from the city noise and manmade lights, serenity under clear star lit desert sky. Guests sleep in a Bedouin tent made of black goat’s hair. The tents are decorated in an authentic style and fully equipped with rugs and soft mattresses OR.

Designed Lodges (Sukkah) Uniquely designed lodges (Sukkoths) made with thick woolen sides and doors with decked wooden floors and a comfortably seated patio. Situated on top of the Sukkah is a veranda from which you can feast your eyes of the desert view and enjoy the lucid air. The great advantage of the lodge is that it combines the desert sleeping arrangements with privacy. The Sukkah holds up to six occupants. OR.

Desert Resort Unique Desert style cabins offer harmonious desert peace. The cabins are fully furnished with unique features and fittings all made locally from wood, metal, stone and salt from around the Dead Sea. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and en suite toilets and showers. Each cabin has coffee and tea facilities.The rooms are surrounded by vines, and there are communal shaded sitting areas close by.

Delicious Israeli breakfast Freshly cut vegetables, cabbage salad, homemade tahini, humus with olive oil, tuna, olives, pickled vegetables, boiled eggs and omelets. Dairy cheeses & Extras: white cream cheese, Bulgarian cheese,yellow cheese, Labane cheese, cottage cheese, butter, cereals, halva, dolche leche, jam and chocolate spread. Spiced Bedouin tea and Turkish coffee OR

NB Sunrise Breakfast (Tea and biscuits at dawn before departure)

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