The Best Family Day Out in Israel




1 Day

Tour Plan

Choose from optional excursions, such as milking goats, riding a donkey, making cheese and bread, or indulging in a small or big winery experience with rafting.

Take in the stunning views of the Golan Heights or zip line through the Gush Etzion valley, where David fought Goliath. Immerse yourself in local culture by learning to cook Druze cuisine in Horfesh or making honey near Har Tavor.

Explore the archaeological wonders of Beit Govrim on Fridays or visit Em Yahel for family-friendly activities like petting animals and baking pitta bread.

No matter which excursion you choose, you'll be touched by the rich textures, delicious flavors, and breathtaking sights of Israel. Get ready to feel exhilarated, relaxed, and truly alive.


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