Northern Israel Winery Helicopter Tour




1 day

Tour Plan

Your Kitron Winery private tour and wine tasting morning

09:30 Take off from Rishon Letzion private helipad, to fly via Jerusalem and through the Jordan Valley for landing near Nazareth in the Lower Galilee for a tour and wine tasting at Kitron Winery.

The private tour provides a broad overview to the Kitron unique winemaking philosophy, followed by an extensive wine tasting that demonstrates their creation.

The tour lasts about 1 hour and a half and the tour is accompanied by a wide range of refreshments. VIP Tour and tastings are by appointment only.

Your afternoon in the Galilee

12:00 Take off, flying to Bental Mountain for activities by the Sea of Galilee, view Mount Tavor and Nazareth, the Green Line and Israel’s West Bank barrier, afternoon coffee, or across to Haifa, and down the coast line with an incredible view of Israel like no other.

17:00 back in Tel Aviv


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