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The Squadron VIP experience

The only Center of its kind in the world

The Squadron VIP experience

$1980 Private Bookings

The Squadron brings you the exclusive and only F-16 simulation center in the world. Inspired by the Israeli air force and created to let everyone become a pilot for a day. Learn all the Israeli air force moves and enjoy the insightful experience of flying a fighter jet. Israeli Army Pilots will guide you throughout the day with the combat flight simulator instructors who will give you the real experience of an Army Air Force.

Please check out the Tour Plan above!

  • Optional to add
    Additional hours and overmileage
    Driver tips (discretionary)
    Entrance Fees dependant on each site outside of itinerary
    Food and Drink outside of itinerary
    Guide tips (discretionary)
    Host for Groups above 20 people
    Overnight for guides and drivers outside Tel Aviv
    Professional and licensed tour guide
    Professional photographer to join and take photos with digital copies for your lasting memories

Tour Plan

The Squadron VIP Itinerary

The Squadron has the most advanced simulators of their type in the world and brings you as close to a real-life experience of flying in the F16 as possible. With features such as interactions with the Ground Control and other wingmen, collecting real-time data which will enable a full understanding of what happens behind the scenes and will give you a complete and full debriefing of the flight.

The VIP experience includes:

– wearing flight suits
– getting patches with all group names, patches of Israel, patches of the Squadron
– a presentation about the challenges in the Middle East
– a briefing for the flight
– flight in the F16 simulator:
1. Flight over Israel that emphasises the size and challenges we have here
2. Another flight that is more mission oriented and improving flight skills
– debriefing for the flight
– a giveaway: a shirt, hat, keychain, water bottle.

The VIP experience includes food and drinks
The whole visit will be accompanied by one of our senior pilots and will have no time limit, but it’s planned to be 2.5 hours.

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