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Where to take break in luxury tour Israel?

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Tel Aviv

With over 300 days of sun each year, a two or more time change, and travel duration of less than five hours from Manchester, Israel is the ideal place for a short trip – or perhaps a longer one. Many people think of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and that’s usually all they have in mind. They are beautiful sites to see, but there is so much more to explore in luxury tour package Israel and luxury travel and tours Israel . Tel Aviv has a vibrant nightlife, incredible restaurants, bizarre public art, and, of course, beaches to relax on when the evening have gotten a little too late.

Away from the beaten path

So, let’s move on to the less well-known regions. We travelled all the way to the north of the country to the Golan Heights area, which is ideal for wine and beer sampling, fruit harvesting, and hiking trails in Banias National Park. Ein Gedi National Park is also worth a stop on the route down to Masada, King Herod’s southernmost fortress. You’ll be grateful for technology since there’s now a cable car that will carry you to the summit! The view of the Dead Sea from here is well worth taking in. But you’re in the dessert at Masada, we suggest going an hour south and spending a couple of nights on the rim of the Makhtesh Ramon crater – there’s a wonderful spa hotel, the Beresheet Hotel, and the scenery is unmatched. The outdoor pool overlooks a desert crater, and the spa treatments are amazing – you’ve probably earned one if you’ve been on the road for a week or two.

Jerusalem and Jaffa

Don’t miss Jaffa, a charming sandstone town with important military significance. Then, just 45 minutes south-east to Jerusalem, which is rich in culture and traditions, and don’t rush about – it’s crucial to take a step back and absorb in the ambiance. On the hallowed Shabbat, we spent an hour down by the Western Wall, observing Jews come to the Western Wall, some in full Orthodox clothing with their Shtreimels (fur caps), mingling and meditating – and some even dancing afterward. There are so many more intriguing sites to visit: the Garden of Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives, the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth… we discovered that there was something unique about visiting these places referenced in the Bible that we had all heard about. A memorable experience was putting¬†toes in the Sea of Galilee after sitting outside the Church of the Beatitudes and studying the Sermon on the Mount.

The most important things to do in luxury tour Israel and luxury travel package Israel are;

  • Having an iced coffee on an outdoor patio
  • Taking in the sunset near the bustling harbour
  • Strolling about the city, mapping out your own path across the city, following the trail of tags and graffiti
  • In a Florentine bar, you may dance until the sun comes up.
  • Attending a Philharmonic concert conducted by Zubin Mehta
  • Exploring Jaffa Markets on the cheap
  • adoring the white city’s Bauhaus design

Going with the flow and taking a bath on the beach

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