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At UPGRADE VIP Concierge, we invite you to be pampered with luxury and attention through our cutting-edge, tailored VIP concierge membership service, created and managed just for you

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Why UPGRADE TO VIP Concierge Membership?

Without a concierge membership, you experience time-consuming planning, missed exclusive opportunities, heightened stress, and the potential for inefficient spending, creating a less seamless and enjoyable lifestyle.

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VIP Membership | TLV VIP

Why Choose UPGRADE VIP Concierge Membership?

We redefine luxury, engagement, and satisfaction. Our pioneering digital platform offers you a gateway to a new dimension of service, where you are at the heart of every unparalleled experience.

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Unlock time savings, tailored access, and stress reduction. Enjoy seamless planning, VIP opportunities, and value for a more enjoyable lifestyle, both at home and during travel. Full membership is exclusive, by invitation only.

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What's included?

Personal Concierge, Worldwide Assistance

Privilege: Not finding enough time to arrange everything you want in your busy life? Here’s where we can help! Booking restaurant reservations to art galleries, cultural shows, sports and music events.

Personalization: Tailor-made with licensed and insured professionals to upgrade your life and  journey. Ensuring the highest level of security and privacy for all interactions and arrangements.

Priority Access: Allow us to arrange bucket-list and out-of-this-world experiences for you, so you can reclaim your time on your terms, with electric-fast responses

Tailor-made Travel, Luxury Beyond Imagination


Personalized Priority: 24/7 travel planning assistance to experience the world your way. Your sanctuary, your security for peace amid opulence.  Expertly curated escapades, adventures, cultural immersions, access rare opportunities. 

Premium Upgrades: Guaranteed best rates and benefits at the finest hotels on the planetExclusive VIP discounts on all other services, such as Airport VIP and Transportation. 

Planet-Friendly: Your choice to enjoy today, our Net Zero commitment to taking care of tomorrow

Dining and Events, Arts and Entertainment, Elite Lifestyle For Less

VIP Service: Fine dining experiences, surprise upgrades and benefits

Personal Development: Exclusive and private events, partnerships and insider experiences 

Culinary Adventures: Access and indulge in personal recommendations with the world’s hottest chefs

Airport VIP Credits and Deals

Priority Access: Our proprietary software is the FASTEST way to INSTANTLY book Airport VIP in hundreds of locations worldwide. 

Privileged: access over 1,300 Airport VIP services including lounges and private terminals worldwide. 

Peace of Mind: leading tech, backed up by professional staff for maximum control, privacy and security – book and only get charged when your service is confirmed. 

Financial Planning, Insurance and Advisory Services

Personalization: Advice from licensed expert Financial Advisors to optimize financial resources. Empower yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions. Safeguard your money with real estate experts who can grow your wealth.

Privileged Access: Exclusive discount programs and partnership deals with service providers to reduce overall expenses. Community network to share resources, advice, and support.

Personal Development: Insurance Policy Reviews and Optimization to ensure you have appropriate coverage at the best possible rates. Complimentary Financial Workshops and Webinars on financial literacy, budgeting, and investment strategies. 

FULL MEMBERSHIPS: Dedicated Lifestyle and Well-being Manager

Personalized Assistance: Arrange ANYTHING for your lifestyle and well-being? Catering to your individual preferences, value beyond cost for top tier paid members, including personal shopping, spa treatments, and wellness programs

Peace of Mind: Strict privacy, utmost security, safeguarding assets and reputation, delivering for your satisfaction

Priority Access: Save time, get VIP service faster, lower stress, increase your productivity

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A CONCIERGE SERVICE Platform Designed for the Pinnacle of Excellence

Unleash the power of the ultimate concierge platform, meticulously crafted for the most discerning clientele. Our commitment to excellence shines through:


Discover a realm of unrivaled indulgence as UPGRADE VIP Concierge opens doors that others can only dream of:

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How do we provide service and security?

UPGRADE VIP Concierge’s proprietary technology has a human touch, to give you tailored and exclusive access to Airport VIP experiences at your fingertips:

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Discover what UPGRADE VIP Concierge can do for you:

“Ensure the ultimate VIP experience with tangible cost benefits and savings. Join now and upgrade your journey to extraordinary heights! Maximize the value of your wealth and business investments!

By choosing our concierge service, you’re embracing a level of innovation, personalization, and commitment that stands unrivaled in the industry. Experience the future of concierge, where every moment is upgraded and exceptional. 

Join a league of industry leaders who have chosen UPGRADE VIP Concierge to transform their customer experience. We deliver for customers in over 20 countries around the world. With best-in-class technology, UPGRADE VIP Concierge provides responsive service day in and day out.” Dean, CEO of UPGRADE VIP Concierge

James P. Friel

Dedicated Lifestyle and Well-being Manager

Jaime Cross

Tailor-made Travel, Luxury Beyond Imagination

Garrett White

Dining and Events, Elite Lifestyle For Less

Yanni Fikaris

Personal Concierge, Worldwide Assistance

Sarah Wells

Arts and Entertainment, Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Mindy & Mandy

Airport VIP Credits and Deals


Welcome to UPGRADE VIP from TLV VIP, where your travel experience is our top priority. Our dedicated team ensures exceptional planning and support, securing exclusive deals on accommodations that aren’t available elsewhere. From luxurious hotels to fully-furnished apartments, we cater to your every lodging need, making your stay comfortable and memorable. 

EXPLORE the World WITH PRIVATE Transportation

Welcome to UPGRADE VIP from TLV VIP, we redefine travel convenience with our premium private transportation services. With a focus on security and efficiency, we offer unparalleled access to professional drivers who prioritize your comfort and safety. Our comprehensive range of transportation solutions for corporate and leisure travel, ensures hassle-free and secure travel experiences, exceeding your expectations at every turn, in almost every corner of the world.

Our Services

Sourcing Goods

VIP concierge services source exclusive goods globally, providing access to rare products. Concierges personalize the process, gathering preferences to acquire desired goods. Concierges collaborate with members to understand your specific needs and use industry connections to ensure prompt and convenient delivery.

Feature Delivery

Delivery of flowers
and food

VIP concierge services source exclusive goods globally, providing access to rare products. Concierges personalize the process, gathering preferences to acquire desired goods. Concierges collaborate with members to understand your specific needs and use industry connections to ensure prompt and convenient delivery.

Yacht Ride | TLV VIP

Yacht Ride

VIP yacht services offer exclusive, tailored access to luxurious yachts worldwide. Concierges use industry connections to personalize the yachting experience to meet clients' specific preferences and needs.

Feature Bucket list Experiences | TLV VIP

Bucket list

VIP bucket list experiences provide access to unique and unforgettable experiences globally. Concierges personalize each experience based on clients' interests and goals, utilizing industry connections to create a customized adventure.



Language translation includes on-demand translation support via local dedicated teams and specialists to help members overcome language barriers in various destinations.

Feature Art Galleries | TLV VIP

Art Galleries

VIP art gallery services provide exclusive access to top galleries, museums, and private collections globally. Concierges personalize the art experience based on clients' preferences and needs, leveraging industry knowledge and connections.

Feature Sports Event | TLV VIP

Sports Events

VIP sports event services offer exclusive access to top global sports events. Concierges personalize the experience to meet clients' preferences and needs, using industry connections to secure VIP access and tickets.

VIP music event | TLV VIP

Music events

VIP music event services offer exclusive access to top global concerts, music festivals, and award shows. Concierges personalize the experience to meet clients' preferences and needs, using industry connections to secure VIP access and tickets.

Feature Nightlife | TLV VIP


Local, Destination Experts offer exclusive local knowledge and expertise to offer destination-specific recommendations, insider tips, and cultural insights, addressing the challenge of not knowing the locale. Our experts are often in Tel Aviv, London, Dubai, New York and Paris.

Feature Reservations | TLV VIP

Restaurant Reservations

Restaurant reservation VIP services provide exclusive access to top-rated restaurants globally. Concierges use industry connections to secure reservations, customizing the experience for clients.

Feature Travel Planning | TLV VIP

Travel Planning

Travel planning VIP services organize seamless travel experiences, from booking flights, accommodations, and transportation to arranging custom itineraries and activities tailored to clients' interests.

Feedback and faqS

We offer trial memberships, limited-time promotions, and introductory packages to allow potential members to experience our service first-hand. We offer a no quibble VIP, TRAVEL DELIGHT GUARANTEE which you can access with all our terms and conditions via this link:

This is a personalized and customized service. We enhance the travel experience by providing insider knowledge, access to unique opportunities, and tailored recommendations that may not be easily accessible to independent travelers.

We offer time-saving benefits, personalized experiences, access to exclusive perks, and cost-saving opportunities that come with memberships. The service adds value and convenience to exclusive travel planning and ensures a high level of quality and satisfaction.

You are in control. Our service promotes a collaborative nature, where concierges work closely with you, our member to understand preferences and priorities, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience.

Our role is to assist and enhance the travel experience rather than restrict it. We have the ability to adapt to individual preferences, provide recommendations, and adjust plans as needed while ensuring a seamless and hassle-free journey.

Our service is flexible in accommodating changes and updates to travel plans. We handle unexpected situations, adapt to member preferences, and provide timely support for itinerary adjustments, changes are subject to service providers’ terms and conditions.

Our Silver Pass service is available from Israel business hours (9am to 1am Sunday to Saturday morning), to 24/7 support for Gold Pass and Platinum Pass  members, with quick response times, fast assistance. You can test this right away by clicking on our contact buttons on this page and speaking with a concierge team member.

We are committed to simplifying the travel experience and handling the logistics on behalf of you, our member. We offer clear communication channels, user-friendly platforms, and streamlined processes demonstrate how our service aims to reduce complexity rather than add to it.

Our service has a 14 year track record, since 2009, with testimonials throughout our website, and customer reviews that highlight positive experiences and customer satisfaction. Our service has a commitment to excellence, ongoing training for staff, and membership benefits.

We build trust through testimonials, case studies, and the experience and expertise of our service’s team. We offer clear and transparent communication about data privacy and security measures here. We operate to stringent privacy policies, data protection measures, and the professional ethics followed by the service. Our service is committed to confidentiality and security:

Our service caters to a wide range of budgets and preferences, with a diverse portfolio of travel options and experiences that suit different interests and financial considerations.

We are committed to understanding individual preferences and tailoring recommendations based on unique needs, interests, and travel styles. We can share examples of personalized itineraries and special requests fulfilled by our service.

Our concierge service revels in flexibility, we are confident and ready to showcase our ability to accommodate spontaneous requests, provide on-the-go assistance, and adapt plans to changing circumstances.

We offer streamlined and simplified booking procedures. Examples include our user-friendly platforms, efficient communication channels, and dedicated concierge support that make the process seamless and hassle-free.

We work with a network of local experts, with insider knowledge, and access to hidden gems that can enhance the travel experience and provide unique insights beyond what traditional resources offer.

We customize and tailor experiences based on individual preferences, interests, and travel goals, with attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile. We offer dedication to customization and personalization. We tailor experiences based on individual preferences, interests, and your travel goals.

We provide transparent pricing information, outlining what is included in the service, and clearly communicate any additional costs, detailed breakdowns and clear explanations of the value provided.

Our concierge service leads a hybrid approach, combining technology-driven convenience with dedicated human assistance. The value of personalized interactions, access to knowledgeable concierge agents, and the ability to adapt to individual needs Members especially enjoy the human element of the service through communication channels such as email, online chat and Whatsapp. Concierge support for personalized assistance is available 24/7 for Gold and Platinum members.

Our service’s policy regarding partnerships, affiliations, and commissions enable recommendations based on member preferences and best interests, and showcase the service’s commitment to providing unbiased advice. See our list above, providing a comprehensive breakdown of the services offered. Check out our membership benefits, access to exclusive perks, and real-life lifestyle assistance.

We have robust security measures, partnerships with trusted and insured providers, and access to reliable travel resources. We are committed to ensuring safe and secure travel experiences.

Our service has a global network, with partnerships, and expertise in handling diverse travel requests. We have successfully curated experiences in many destinations, including lesser-known ones. Please ask for us to share examples on tour next request.

We are delighted to provide efficient communication channels, such as dedicated online chat platforms and Whatsapp, concierge hotlines, which facilitate seamless information sharing and minimize time investment for members.

We offer flexible membership options, including monthly or annual subscriptions, with easy membership cancellation and modification policies. We have a commitment to member satisfaction and flexibility so you can upgrade immediately, and downgrade or cancel with at the end of your current payment period.

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