Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


We guarantee that our in-house concierge team will deliver an unparalleled level of service excellence and personalized attention throughout your entire experience with us. If within 5 days after the purchased service of any of our services, including accommodation, Airport VIP, transportation, tours, and/or concierge, you feel that our team has does not respond to your requests within 1 business day, or fails to meet our agreed-upon service standards, with the utmost level of professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication to meeting your needs, we will promptly repay our service fee. Our service fee is the amount of money we receive from our suppliers to render the service to you. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to ensuring an exceptional and seamless travel experience for you. Due to external factors, we can’t guarantee you’ll go through the airport faster than anyone else, or that the excellent service you receive will be the same every time. We are guaranteeing that you will get the money you paid, will be worth the value and service from us to support your travel requirements. If you feel like we didn’t give you that level of service, we’ll refund you when you tell us our service has dropped.

TLV VIP Service Terms & Conditions

TLV VIP is a registered limited company in England, UK, number 09524348.

  • Airport VIP assistance and private transfers
  • Private guided tours and personal security
  • Chauffeur hire, helicopter, jets and yacht charters
  • Corporate, private event and wedding planning
  • Accommodation and related services

Planning and General Information

  1. In this Agreement, TLV VIP means the “”Agency”” selected by the Client. The Agency is TLV VIP.
  2. In this Agreement, Client means “the person or company paying for the booking” and/ or “the person or company consuming the booking”.
  3. In providing travel information, making reservations and other documents to the client, TLV VIP acts solely as the agent for the travel services provider.
  4. TLV VIP provides modular quotes, tailored to your exact requirements, valid for 7 days and subject to availability
  5. All offers are correct at time of offer – bookings are confirmed only after payment as outlined in the client proposal
  6. Prices are including VAT according to the law of the country
  7. Fees for payments by credit cards are payable by the client
  8. Fees for payments by bank transfer are payable by the client
  9. Credit card details are taken as guarantee for all bookings
  10. Offers are valid for the dated offer and subject to change, including availability, after the offer date
  11. Prices are based on multiple currencies and may differ according to the exchange rate

How to Confirm a Booking

  1. Bookings are confirmed by email from TLV VIP
  2. Bookings require a completed booking form or client registration form
  3. TLV VIP may request a credit card for guarantee purposes
  4. Pre-payment is required at least 30 days before booking commencement
  5. Service fee of 20% is included in all bookings
  6. Event planning bookings will be offered a complimentary quote, followed by a service fee to begin the planning stage, service fee is redeemable against the final invoice and confirmation of booking.
  7. Payment in full required 30 days prior to booking commencement
  8. Credit card for guaranteed may be charged, if payment is not received within 30 days prior to booking commencement
  9. In the unlikely event that full payment is not received within 30 days prior to the start of a booking, the booking maybe be cancelled at management discretion
  10. Credit card for guarantee will be charged for bookings commencing within 7 days, if payment has not already been made.
  11. Booking confirmations are confirmed by email by TLV VIP
  12. Confirmations are recorded and based on confirmation emails.
  13. Confirmation emails are exchanged between TLV VIP and clients in order to check details.


What’s included in your itinerary:

  1. Upto 8 hours guiding, 200km from Tel Aviv (or local area subject to availability).
What’s not included in your itinerary:
  1. Anything that’s “not included” in the itinerary and/or information not yet available. Price is based on the client itinerary. Additional charges are payable according to the final itinerary.
  2. Food and Drink outside of itinerary – additional water in vehicles, 1 USD per bottle
  3. Restaurant or venue staff tips
  4. Driver tips per day 50 USD (discretionary, please ask if you wish to pre-pay tip)
  5. Guide tips per day 50 USD (discretionary, please ask if you wish to pre-pay tip)
  6. Transportation full day, per extra hour per day 77 USD
  7. Transportation full day, per extra km per day 2.3 – 2.5 USD
  8. Transportation full day VIP 35+ seater bus, per extra km per day 6.5 USD
  9. Transportation just transfers, per extra stop 50 USD
  10. Overnight (minimum 3 star) for drivers outside Tel Aviv per night 150-200 USD
  11. Overnight (minimum 3 star) for guides outside Tel Aviv per night 150-200 USD
  12. Nightlife/Tour Manager/Itinerary Host upto per 20 people per day 250 USD
  13. If guests are late or miss whole or part of a booking, booking will still be charged
  14. Any chargeable addition to the itinerary will be invoiced for payment on the spot
  15. All offers are correct at time of offer and valid for 7 days
  16. Bookings are confirmed only after full payment or deposit according to the tour details
  17. CC guarantee form where requested is found here: https://tlv-vip.com/booking_request

How to Correct Errors or Change a Booking

  1. Errors or changes must be notified to TLV VIP by email, in advance of the booking start.
  2. Booking confirmations made within 48 hours of the booking date are subject to flexibility on times, substitutions and additional last minute service charges.
  3. Once an itinerary is confirmed, changes at management discretion, changes may incur additional service fees.
  4. Errors or changes in bookings or details that are not notified to TLV VIP, are the sole liability of the client.
  5. Errors or changes in bookings or details that are provided by other forms of communication, such as telephone calls, WhatsApp, social media messages or similar, are not accepted as official updates.
  6. Failure to notify TLV VIP of errors or changes, prior to a booking may result in services not being rendered, or as expected and are the sole liability of the client.
  7. Errors or changes to bookings can be made according to the terms and conditions of the booking, which may differ according to the services being offered.
  8. Where possible, TLV VIP will notify the client of all changes to bookings.
  9. If an itinerary over 50 people is confirmed, reductions in numbers of attendees upto 10% can be made without additional charge, more than this is considered cancellation and related fees may be charged for part or whole of that booking
  10. All bookings are tailored. Changes to an itinerary may incur extra charges outside the itinerary there were not planned in advance. All extra charges will be detailed to the client in advance where possible.
  11. We welcome clients to make updates and changes and will provide services ad-hoc where possible. We try to keep the decision maker of the trip informed along the way we but due to the need for quick decision making and time zones, we do not guarantee updates will be received by all parties, until after the booking is completed. Changes and additions to the itinerary will be invoiced and charged separately.
  12. If the value of the trip is lowered after confirmation, the difference may be added to the value of the deposit.
  13. From your booking date, clients have five (5) days to make any claims for refunds. After this time has passed, no claims will be accepted.

How to Cancel or Postpone a Booking 

This section relates to non-Airport VIP bookings. Airport VIP bookings have their own policy on each service. 

  1. Cancellations and / or modifications must be in writing from clients by email and confirmed from TLV VIP by email
  2. Cancellation of all or any part of the itinerary within 2 weeks to 1 week prior to start date, 50% cancellation charge
  3. Cancellation of all or any part of the itinerary within 1 week prior to start date, 100% cancellation charge
  4. Vehicle cancellation policy – 1 week in busy season.
  5. Refund of TLV VIP service fee is at management discretion
  6. TLV VIP may contact you to change your booking status or cancel your booking in some exceptional cases. A full refund will be arranged to you if TLV VIP cancels your confirmed and paid booking.
  7. TLV VIP is authorized to charge outstanding invoices by credit card provided for guarantee
  8. Bookings can be postponed once, upto 3 months from the original confirmed booking commencement date
  9. Deposits can be re-used against postponed bookings
  10. In case of Force Majeure, bookings can be postponed with deposit until 12 months after travel is permitted
  11. TLV VIP operate a late fee policy after one month non-payment of a dated invoice at a monthly rate of 10% of the total fee owed
  12. Non payment of invoices may result in further late fees and referral to debt collection agency in the city of origin

Additional Service Information

  1. Contact details for the local service provider are provided with every booking. This contact information can be used for this particular booking and not for any other purpose.
  2. The client/passenger has requested the service. If the client/passenger does not see the steward/agent/greeter, they must call the telephone number provided in the confirmation email in order to consume the booking. If the service isn’t consumed, this counts as a no show and no refund is available.
  3. If clients do not take the service booked, this is classed as a “no show” and there is no opportunity for a refund.
  4. If Customs request the opening of passengers luggage, the owner of the suitcase must be present for the opening.
  5. Airport VIP greeters can stay with passengers for 1.5 hours. Airport VIP greeters cannot be involved in security matters. In the event of passengers being delayed (eg due to security, luggage or other matters out of our control), additional waiting time will be chargeable according to the local supplier rate, or the VIP agent may be released at the discretion of the local supplier.
  6. TLV VIP’s interests lie in the safety and comfort of you and your guests. In cases of ‘Force Majeure’, this clause is considered to be included in contracts to remove liability for natural and unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt the expected course of events and restrict participants from fulfilling obligations or causing delays or loss of service out of our control.
  7. Airport Fast Track services depend on real-time airport traffic and security conditions. Lanes used for Fast Track services might not be possible at very busy times, however, Airport VIP stewards will aim to guide clients through the fastest ways possible through the airport.
  8. TLV VIP operates Terms and Conditions to protect client bookings and will offer full refunds, should a client’s country Embassy, FCO or the local Ministry of Tourism make an announcement that travel to the region is not advised.
  9. TLV VIP may make its own announcement prior to this, if considered in the interest of clients with the same refund policy.
  10. TLV VIP is not responsible for airline delays, missed flights, misplaced luggage, or other transportation/weather related delays and cancellations or the costs associated with these instances.
  11. TLV VIP cannot prevent delayed flights, security questions, airport traffic or lost luggage. However, once the plane has landed, 60 minutes waiting time is included. Additional waiting time according to each booking.
  12. TLV VIP cannot be held responsible for missed transfers or additional costs arising from Airport delays or processes.
  13. Circumstances that result in an extension of TLV VIP representative’s scheduled time are subject to additional fees.
  14. If your flight is delayed, this is a situation out of our control. Your booking is subject to availability for the new flight time.
  15. If you book a different flight, the required service will incur an additional charge. 
  16. If it is possible to extend your service, there may be additional fees for this. This is subject to the terms of the provider.
  17. If your service is not be able to be extended outside of the agreed service, you will be given options by your agent / steward / greeter for alternative services, subject to availability. These might be 3rd party options which will incur an additional fee.
  18. If your flight is cancelled or delayed and there is no availability for service to be provided, you will receive 100% refund of your service purchased from us.

Insurance and Working Together 

  1. TLV VIP is an agent and not a direct supplier of services
  2. TLV VIP connects clients with third party suppliers
  3. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, TLV VIP holds Liability Insurance of 5m GBP/7m USD.
  4. Outside of Liability Insurance, TLV VIP does not guarantee or insure the travel services provided by any travel services provider.
  5. Outside of Liability Insurance, TLV VIP assumes no responsibility for actions beyond its control in connection with travel services.
  6. Outside of Liability Insurance, TLV VIP is not responsible or liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising out of personal injury or death, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, loss of or damage to property, accident, delay, non performance, irregularity, or any consequence from them, which may be occasioned through the neglect or default or any act or omission of any travel services provider or any governmental authority or which may be occasioned through weather, equipment failure, labor disputes, sickness, theft or any other reason not within the direct control of TLV VIP.
  7. TLV VIP transmits the proceeds from the sale of services to the service provider supplying those services and TLV VIP acts as the service provider’s agent.
  8. In the event that such a travel service provider defaults prior to providing the travel service for which payment has been made, TLV VIP will attempt to provide an alternative service provider or offer a refund.
  9. TLV VIP disclaims all liability for errors or bias in reservations, fares, or other information provided by any automated reservation system.
  10. Clear Communication Channels: We offer clear and efficient lines of communication between our company and clients to promptly address any issues that may arise during or after a booking within 5 days of the service being given.
  11. TLV VIP operates services in a fast paced, live and on-demand environment. Any expenses that are additions that our suppliers bill to us at a later date will be passed onto the client for payment. There may be additional charges such as waiting times, additional duration, or going over the agreed mileage, and/or level of service. These extras might be offered to clients on the spot as Goodwill and to provide smooth continuation of service. Any additions must be paid for. All expenses and payments must be settled within a reasonable timeframe. We therefore guarantee to alert you of any additional charges, after the completion of a booking as soon as possible. Due to the nature of the services rendered, there is no specific timeframe to give clients these additional charges. We also offer to charge client credit cards on their behalf where there are additional charges. Itemised invoices are available to check every charge.
  12. Post-Booking Review: We greatly value your feedback and we always ask for post-booking review feedback. This provides an opportunity for you to tel us how much you enjoyed the service, what areas we can improve and to quickly and professionally, resolve any outstanding matters.
  13. Escalation Protocol: We have in place, an escalation protocol to handle disputes or exceptional situations that may require urgent attention. This will help us resolve issues more efficiently and maintain the trust between you and our company.
  14. We value our clients, and we believe that implementing protocols lead to smoother operations and a stronger relationship. We look forward to discussing your feedback and upgrading your next visit.
  15. By requesting services from TLV VIP whether rendered or not, please note the following clauses: Covenant Not to Hire – The Client accepts and agrees that for the duration of 12 months from the time of the request, the Client shall not hire or solicit to hire, directly or indirectly, induce or persuade, any representative or employee of TLV VIP, to quit or abandon their employment, except if TLV VIP so consents in writing. Without consent from TLV VIP, Client shall be obligated to pay to TLV VIP the sum of $5000 USD per representative or employee, so as to compensate TLV VIP for the costs incurred in the sourcing, selection and procurement of such services.