Founder Story

founder story

When I started, the personal travel experience I received was poor and left me wanting more. When I arrived at airports, there were long lines and the lack of service after a long flight introduced me to the world of VIP travel. 

When you travel, how do you want to be greeted when you land with a VIP welcome? How do you want to travel from place to place? What do you want to explore and discover in the destination? How do you find someone trusted and friendly to escort you to the next part of your journey? Who do you want to understand your needs and reasons for your travel? 

When I started TLV VIP in 2009, it was to tailor the travel experience in Israel, from exclusive airport VIP, to private and secure transportation, personal tours and activities. 

Fast forward to 2009, we are grateful for the client testimonials and each one reminds me why I started this business.   

We offer a “no-registration” Airport VIP reward club from the first booking, and our strong relationships with the best suppliers of these services worldwide, allow us to offer them to you as UPGRADE VIP. 

Est. 2009        10,000+ Customers       Worldwide service

The business I set up in 2009, was about providing a tailored and personal service for friends and families, corporate travel and delegations. We’re delighted of course to host some of the biggest names in sport, music and film. 

We believe every travel plan is part of your journey. We’re therefore delighted to offer services to you worldwide through UPGRADE VIP. Contact us today to ask us to plan the next part of your journey.


Dean Ezekiel

Founder, TLV VIP

Our world is your home, so we try to help look after it when you travel. The planet’s health has always been important to me, so you can offset your carbon footprint with the Gold Standard with every booking. We choose to work with renowned and high quality, eco-friendly suppliers across our portfolio . We invest in strong relationships with a close team of smart and friendly network of licensed and insured professionals. We’ve built proprietary technology to make the booking process faster and easier for you. 

Booking digitally should mean you can get on with everything else you do and look forward to enjoying your worldwide travel experience.

Talk with us today via email, live chat buttons, or WhatsApp.

I am privileged to work with a world-class team of professionals to deliver this dream to you and we hope to speak with you soon.