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      General Capacity: 8 passengers Baggage: external baggage capacity of 46 cu. F and an internal capacity of 28 cu. F Performance Ceiling: 43,000 ft High speed: 780 kh/485 mph Cabin Length 17.4 ft Width 4.8 ft Height 4.8 ft Citation […]

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      General Capacity: 8 Seats / 2 Sleeping beds Baggage Capacity: 77 cu. Ft Performance High Speed: 700 km/h 400 miles/h Ceiling 43,000 feet, above most weather Range 2000 miles Cabin Length 16 ft 4.87 m Width 4.9 ft 1.49 m […]

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      Service detail
      2 pilots and stewardess included on all flights
      Catering: Standard 1st class 
      Includes VIP Lounge at Ben Gurion
      Airport Fees: All included
      Meeting Point: Airport of Departure, 30 minutes prior to flight time


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