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As travellers, we’ve spent our lives getting deeper and closer to our wide, wild world, figuring out the places and experiences that work best for trips of all different types and sizes. We want to show you and your guests Israel in a way that works for you, and for you alone.


As modern life becomes ever more complex, it can be difficult to find the proper time to plan the visit you deserve – overwhelmed by options and fretting about FOMO. Happily, we’re here to figure out these details on your behalf, to do the heavy lifting and the engineering.


Most travel companies sell “packages” and fixed experiences. But we’re different. These pages are filled with ideas and inspirations. When you come with us, we’ll build your trip from the ground up – taking all your passions and personalities into account.


Simply put, we’re experts at travel in Israel because we travel ourselves. Over the years, we’ve brought together a team of impassioned globe-trotters and destination-obsessives. These are the people who’ll plan your trip, from the smallest details to the most sublime and remarkable of crescendos. And because so many of us know what it means to travel in Israel and Jordan, you can rest assured that we’ll never take this lightly.

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We hired a driver with Sprinter for 2 days, excellent company and nice driver, booking was easy and rep was very helpful, will definitely use them again.
Dina Esparon


Ben Gurion Airport is the main international airport of Israel. It is also known to be the busiest airport in the country. Despite being busy, a warm welcome is extended to all passengers. Ben Gurion Airport is well equipped to assist passengers with special needs.

  • For extra assistance, passengers can be accompanied from the aircraft sleeve all the way to your driver at the arrivals hall, the taxi stand, car rental desks or your parking space if it’s in the same Terminal.
  • Passengers can be assisted from the Airport entrance right up to the aircraft gate at Terminal 3, or steps of the aircraft on departure at Terminal 1.
  • Having a lot of baggage is normal, so Ben Gurion Airport also offers options to assist with luggage for departure or arrival flights. These include porter services to help passengers with lifting or transporting luggage.

Between Israel and Jordan, there are three official border crossings by land. Sheikh Hussein crossing from the north by the Jordan River near Irbid or Beit She’an. Wadi Araba Crossing or Arava Eilat is another route. The Allenby Bridge (King Hussein) crossing is by the Dead Sea and about 1 hour drive from Jerusalem. There are public transportation options such as internal shuttles, private cars or tourist buses. Here are the five common mistakes people make when crossing Israel and Jordan by land:

  1. Not doing the research about the destination before leaving for travel, including transfers after crossing the borders.
  2. No double checking of important documents needed such as the accessibility of passport and visas at each border. Not planning stamps to cross the borders between Israel and Jordan, such as preparing enough money for the Israel exit tax or the Jordan visa.
  3. No checking the strict rules about the type of vehicles that can approach the borders and how private vehicles are allowed to enter the borders.
  4. No checking the opening times of the borders, especially as the times change during the seasons and religious festivals.
  5. Not planning the time to cross the borders between Israel and Jordan. Passengers can wait for the public Shuttle until it is full to travel and wait in the line for the border process as much as 2-3 hours. There are ways to reduce the border crossings by as much as half the time compared with regular traffic.

Arrival in Israel

Fast Track is a service that official staff at the Airport escort passengers through necessary Airport procedures that makes it quicker and easier.

On arrival flights, fast track options can be for arrival from the aircraft exit or from passport control.

Official Airport escorts assist passengers through processes such as immigration control, processing of baggage and communicating with drivers.

Departure from Israel

Passengers experience assistance once they reach the terminal.

Terminal 3 Entrance 3 will be the meeting point.

At Terminal 1, the Departure entrance is the meeting point. On departure flights, fast track includes exclusive priority lanes for security and check-in. Official Airport escorts assist passengers through processes such as customs, security inspection, passport control, processing of baggage, collection of collections of items from duty free, VAT refunds, checking flight times and communicating with drivers.

In the priority lane, the assigned VIP steward will ensure that all procedures are done smoothly inside the airport.

Using fast track is very beneficial for people who wants a traveling experience that is fast and friendly. There is less hassle for passengers. Passengers do not need to think about the process as their greeter is responsible for assisting at every step. The benefits of using fast track service include less lines, potentially less time in the Airport, quick process for arrival and departure, personal assistants to escort passengers.

Indeed, it is worth it to book via fast track.

You can avoid the long security queues and wait times but not the airport security itself. Ben Gurion Airport has three terminals and they have high level of security. Therefore, passengers are always advised to allot time for bag screening, questioning, and various security stops. But, to avoid this, you can arrange a Ben Gurion Airport Express and VIP Service. The Fattal Terminal and the Arbel Lounge options offer zero lines and where the security process is carried out in almost total privacy for passengers.

Ben Gurion airport assistance varies between companies, the VIP fast track costs is usually less than 180 USD per group.

There are higher and lower options, and add ons, including porters for luggage, additional agents for extra assistance, private lounges and optional private transfers.

Booking is subject to terms and conditions of each operator.

There are many ways to can book Ben Gurion Airport assistance, the fastest and easiest online is via Passengers can choose from many official providers of VIP Priority Airport Assistance to Expedite the Security Process, such as Fast Track on Arrival or the Fast Lane with a Private Escort, Meet and Greet or Steward from the Curbside on Departure for the fastest and easiest way to travel through the Airports, private Lounges or the VIP Terminal.

If you are recovering from surgery, or have any health condition which requires you to get wheelchair assistance, you should notify the airline before at least 48 hours before your flight. It is also best to review the airline’s wheelchair guidelines. After that, check the sizing requirements before you decide to bring your own wheelchair. It is also advisable to check if the airlines requests for a wheelchair information form. But, take note that not all airlines will request you complete wheelchair information forms. Then, call the airline to confirm your wheelchair assistance. You can also ask for the cost of the assistance as it may vary depending on the airlines. Only wheelchairs from the airlines can be used between border control and the aircraft. The Airport Fast Track services offer a free wheelchair in the main Airport areas.

Checkin for flights opens 3 hours prior to each flight. Without Airport VIP Departure service, it is advisable to get to airport at least three hours before the flight, this is to get ready for security checks and any possible complications. With Airport VIP Departure service, 2 hours is sufficient to arrive before the flight. This is not enough for some passengers and on request is it possible to arrive 3 hours before the flight with Airport VIP Departure service.

There are a lot of ways on how you can get a VIP treatment at an airport even if you’re not flying Business or First Class. Here’s how:

  • Get a travel credit card.
  • Be nice and ask nicely.
  • Book a VIP Airport service.

Now, here’s how you can get into VIP Lounge at Ben Gurion:

  • Buy an Airport Lounge Day Pass.
  • Try a Third-Party Vendor for Airport Lounge Access.
  • Attain Elite Status to Gain Airport Lounge Access.
  • Use Your Credit Card to Access Airport Lounges.
  • Be a Guest at (or Buy Your Way Into) Airport Lounges.

Airport fast track is a process wherein you can pass through airport security, bypassing the normal queues by stepping into the VIP Fast Track lane instead of waiting for a long line. It usually frees the passenger from stress and delays that may arise.

An airport security fast track allows passenger to enter a priority lane to skip the queues at security screening. It is basically passing on each the security search area quicker than the standard passenger, allowing you more time before the flight to enjoy duty free shopping, catching up on emails or relax in a departure lounge.

A private airport transfer is a private driver in a vehicle (not a taxi), reserved solely for you and any travel companions.

On arrival flights, the driver will meet you at the airport arrivals hall holding a sign with the passenger name.

On departure flights, the driver will collect passengers from the hotel, office, restaurant or any pre-agreed address to enable a comfortable private transfer to the airport.

Passengers will usually be sent the driver dispatch phone number prior to the service start and it eliminates the stress of trying to get a taxi and pulling luggage into public transportation. Private drivers will also be able to call ahead to the Airport VIP steward for a seamless connection and VIP experience.

Ben Gurion Airport has three terminals for arriving and departing passengers:

Terminal 1 serves domestic flights in Israel (to Eilat), and most European low-cost airlines (including easyJet, WizzAir, Ryanair)

Terminal 3 serves all other international flights to Israel.

Fattal Terminal is an exclusive private VIP terminal with a private lounge, private rooms and private bedrooms. All airport procedures are carried out here in near total privacy and currently offers the only way to completely escape the crowds and guarantee passengers a private luxury vehicle transfer between the Airport and the plane.

Tel Aviv Airport is known to be one of the world’s safest airports. Since there are a lot of passengers to arrive and depart on this airport, the management makes sure to employ a dedicated world leading range of technological and individual screening techniques to make sure that they check everyone going through. So, be prepared to answer security questions, they’re to keep everyone safe.

For safety reasons, the Israel Airport Authority in 2019 decided to limit only vehicles approaching aircraft. This may change in the future, currently it is limited to the following:

Vehicles provided by Airport VIP services can approach Arrival flights docked at a remote stand

Vehicles provided by the Fattal VIP Terminal VIP services can approach Arrival flights.

Airport VIP Kerbside is the Departure Service at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) that allows passengers departing from Israel to be met from the vehicle at the Airport kerb. This is a seamless handover from the driver, to the Airport VIP steward

Passengers can enjoy a fast-track, speedy, and hassle-free journey through the airport to the duty free, lounge or boarding gate (or to the Aircraft steps at Terminal 1 or via the Platinum VIP Terminal).

The VIP Departure Assistance service is perfect for VIP’s, business people, the infirm, families, or simply travelers looking for a relaxed departure experience.

Corona Virus which causes the disease Covid-19 outbreak, is a new global phenomena, it gives rise to worry, however, tours are continuing and clients are travelling well without issues.

Covid-19 has a very low level of incidence and transmission in Israel. Risk to temporary visitors to Israel is extremely low.

It is essential that normal business continues while taking sensible precautions.

TLV VIP is operating according to recommendations from Israel ministry of Tourism, World Health Organisation, ITM, GBTA and European Tourism Association (ETOA).

TLV VIP acts with clients’ safety uppermost in mind. This requires risk-assessment and adaptation based on evidence and official guidance.

In the absence of official advice or restrictions, or specific factors indicating heightened risk to the client, operations continue without disruption.

In the initial outbreak, we are offering complimentary wipes and hand sanitizers (subject to availability), cleaning our vehicles after each booking and updating our operations according to official advice.

Visitors to Israel are advised to wash their hands regularly, avoid touching their face where possible and cover their mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.

If you have any concerns, please ask, we are here to help.

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