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Israeli VIP security services

Close Protection Officers
Price $850 ( 1 Day )

VIP Security Agents and Close Protection Officers

$850 Private Bookings

Israel is one of the safest places in the world, for your personal needs or corporate travel policy, our Close Protection Agents are exclusively from the Israel Prime Minister’s detail and Elite Forces to provide additional peace of mind and comfort.

We are often asked for personal security on transportation and tours for business people and VIPs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other major areas for additional peace of mind and comfort.

Our Israeli close protection agents have more than 20 years of high-level security experience. They have served in elite units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF); the Israeli Secret Service (ISS), some agents have served in its top unit, the National Dignitary Protection unit (NDP).

Our bodyguards and personal security agents have been responsible for the lives of the most important international figures, such as the prime minister of Israel, the presidents of the United States and France, The King of Jordan, the Pope and many more. They have also been responsible for the safety of sport and culture delegations like the Philharmonic Orchestra, national sports teams and youth delegations.

We provide secure transportation and tours with bodyguards and personal security agents for VIP travel services in Israel to the private and public sector, and all of the past projects were conducted professionally and with great success.

See “Tour Plan” above for more information.

Please note that pricing of the above services are tailored to each booking and may differ.

1 Day
  • Optional to add
    Additional hours and overmileage
    Driver tips (discretionary)
    Entrance Fees dependant on each site outside of itinerary
    Food and Drink outside of itinerary
    Guide tips (discretionary)
    Host for Groups above 20 people
    Overnight for guides and drivers outside Tel Aviv
    Professional and licensed tour guide
    Professional photographer to join and take photos with digital copies for your lasting memories

Tour Plan

Advanced planning

TLV VIP prepares and executes travel solutions, including air and ground transportation, accommodations and events while paying special attention to detail that makes any environment not only secure but also productive, pleasant and memorable.

✔ Advanced Preparation – By pre-scouting all possible destinations (such as hotels, meeting sites, ER locations, etc.), TLV VIP protection teams are prepared for all eventualities addressing unanticipated conditions, we facilitate quick and smooth entry and exit, and we address special conditions and the unique circumstances of any environment or venue to deal with potential emergencies and evacuation.

✔ Pre-scouting:-Operational team will scout every meeting location/route /ER location long side the visit route/hotels etc.

✔ Operational Protocol- Each and every operation has a hard copy operational protocol that includes the operational agenda/assignments/emergency.

✔ Intelligence- TLV VIP operations are evaluating the operational movement in advance and all along the operation – in house intelligence department provides the assessments with the assistance with connections in the police and secret service operational units. (Most of this info provided to us off record).

✔ Discretion –TLV VIP maintains complete confidentiality, discretion and privacy in all aspects of customer service.

Standby Services

In case of emergency, we immediately dispatch our standby agents to provide the right solution (combat and /or evacuation, first aid, etc.) as quick as possible. Right away, we send a second team to help and support with the missions.

Medical emergency

TLV VIP team supports this important issue with the following standards:
✔ Each team member has background and knowledge of providing FA & CPR.
✔ TLV VIP will scout in advance all ER long side the visits route.
✔ TLV VIP will provide a doctor or a paramedic if the client asks for.


TLV VIP protection team is fully insured to provide Executive Protection services.

Operational standard

As an operational standard TLV VIP suggests the following operational /logistic structure:

Advance detail –will provide a secure perimeter in every location the executives will arrive at. The advance detail will familiarize themselves and the team with every location and will be in charge of evacuations routes. On logistics, this advance detail is also in charge of flawless entrees and exits from locations, for example- part of what we see as the service is to pre-check in the guests at their hotels and by that contribute to the flow of events.

Main detail – is in charge of the executives close protection and will escort the executives from their arrival until departure. The minimum structure of the main detail is one executive protection agent traveling with the executives in their vehicle, and another one in the follow vehicle.

The custom operational and logistical structure will be adjusted to visit’s final agenda.

Secure Transportation

TLV VIP transportation service provides protected vehicle and airborne transport with the highest level of comfort, convenience and security.
The operational transportation has critical role in an executive protection operation, especially during short business tours.

TLV VIP protection team has its own in –house vehicle fleet that provides its clients with low-key yet exclusive transportation solutions.
The fleet is manned by TLV VIP’s protection agents.

TLV VIP drivers team

TLV VIP drivers are part of the operational team and are” speaking” the team code.

✔ All operatives that perform the driving role train “operational “driving course once every 2 months (safety /road /behavior/emergency driving)

✔ Executive protection team practices every 2 months (shooting range/tactical /hand to hand combat/safety).

✔ TLV VIP drivers are familiar with all routes and locations (hotels /meeting locations/ Hospitals-ERs /helipads,etc).

Close protection team

TLV VIP provides full operational coverage and logistics infrastructure to accommodate a wide of
client’s security needs.
TLV VIP executive protection team plans, organizes and executes comprehensive protection plans for
private individuals and corporate executive visiting Israel, the Palestinian Authorities and other countries.

Like in any organization, the human element is the crucial ingredient in the efficiency and the quality of the service. What makes the difference is TLV VIP’s organic protection team. This team has operated and performs hundreds of protection assignments in Israel and around the globe. By definition all the team members must have the following background and meet the requirements below:

✔ Fluent English
✔ Team member are former members of, the Israeli Government Dignitary Protection unit, as well as the Israeli Government Secret Service (GSS or Shabak)
✔ Participated and graduated successfully the course in the Israeli secret service
✔ BA degree or being in progress getting one
✔ Approved by the Ministry of Justice
✔ Approved by Police
✔ Approved by Ministry of Internal affairs
✔ Participated and graduated successfully TLV VIP training program (shooting, tactical, hand to hand combat, safety)
✔ Participated and graduated successfully TLV VIP every two-month training program (shooting, tactical, hand to hand combat, safety)
✔ TLV VIP team leader has operated hundreds of close protection assignment for the corporate world/private section

Operations / back office

24/7 Call center – TLV VIP provides a support call center, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to support all client’s needs, supervise client services and monitor ongoing developments/emergency.

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