Gourmet Foodie Private Experience



Customized Private Dining with Chef Ezra Kedem

“Garden to the Plate”
We open with a “welcome cocktail”- facing the garden landscape, in a “mingling”atmosphere. Beyond the exclusive location and the unparalleled views, the uniqueness of the studio hospitality is the variety of dishes and the meals served in”Chef’s Table” style.

“Chef’s Table” meal
All first-class Chef Restaurants have a small table, close to the kitchen, reserved for special persons. When one of them comes to visit the restaurant, an exciting culinary experience begins. Spontaneously, without any need for words or a menu, food starts flowing to this table, accompanied by the most appropriate wine for each dish, orchestrated by the hosting chef.

You are invited to sit back and devote yourselves to a culinary experience that is nothing short of an exciting journey that stimulates the senses.



1 Day
Private dining hosted by Chef Ezra Kedem
Reception & Lunch / Dinner
3 hours stay at the Private location
Wine Rose, White & Red (Chef's choice)
Nonalcoholic beverages and warm drinks

Tour Plan

The village of Ein Kerem is a wonderful place to visit. There are lots of

charming alleys, churches, a spring, a short nature trail. A guided tour with vehicle for 6-14 passengers for 1,355 USD to 1,613 USD is an add on option for customers who want to tour the village.


Reception - variety of appetizers
*' Green soup' all greens from our garden
* Organic beets, goat cheese & virgin olive oil
* Mini kebab on fresh lemon leave
* Carmel Saled - Green wheat & sun-dried tomatoes
* Sea bass tartar, green herbs and green lemon

Dining Room - On the table
* Flatbread
* Hyssop & olive oil
* Arcadia Tahini Yogurt
* Spicy combination
* Homemade olives
* 'Studio Arcadia' Eggplant Carpaccio since 1995

First Taste - served on the center table
* Monks Salad
* 'Quatro Verde' - Four seasonal wild organic green with extra virgin olive oil
* Crudo - Wild Mediterranean white raw fish, young zucchini, tomato seeds and extra virgin olive oil
* Cereal risotto - Organic spelt, green wheat, whole wheat, Burgul, root vegetables & white truffle oil
* Homemade cured salmon with wild herbs and a mix salad from our garden
* Sliced supreme Israeli cured and roasted beef with special spices' mixture by Arcadia

Main course  (One Choice per guest)
* Filet of beef, deep red wine sauce, bay leaves, velvet of onion & white balsamic, warm wild spinach and melting carrots in a rosemary scent
* Filet of white Fish according to the mood of the sea and the fisherman... with garden vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes seeds and wild herbs from our garden
* Shoulder of lamb cooked eight hours in a wood oven with wild herbs from our Terra & green wheat

Optional: Children's Menu
* Pasta with variety of sauces
* Arcadia style Hamburger
* Arcadia Style French fries
* Chicken cutlets
* Small salad
* Spinach

The course of the event

We will start with a beautiful reception that will take place in front of the open countryside view, gliding afterwards to a dinner party with a pre-fixed menu that will be tailored to your wishes and will be created in advance in coordination with you (vegetarian dishes or anything else that is important to you like Vegetarian, vegan gluten free etc…).

Welcome cocktail

Includes appetizers, wine and nonalcoholic beverages, served in the open air in front of the “Judean Mountains” views (recommended during sunset).


Includes a customized menu to guest preferences including first course main dish and desserts. (First courses and desserts are served to share to table center) no extra charge for ordering extra dish of anything that is desired.


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