Skybound Serenity: Soar Above the Dead Sea with Our Breathtaking Helicopter Tour



A fun day at Kalia Beach Dead Sea

Flight time: 1 hour

Total activity time: About 4 hours



1 Day

Tour Plan

Rishon Letzion is a city about 30 minutes south of Tel Aviv

9:00 AM: Depart from the Rishon LeZion helicopter pad.

Fly over Latrun, taking in the stunning landscapes and historic sites.

Soar above the enchanting Jerusalem Old City, admiring its iconic landmarks and rich history.

Continue the journey over the breathtaking Judean Desert, enjoying the vastness of the desert expanse.

10:00 AM: Land at the Northern Dead Sea - Kalia Beach for an authentic and delectable lunch.

Indulge in an authentic Israeli meal, savoring traditional falafel, chickpeas, salads, and grilled chicken breast.

VIP Package at the beach, including access to a private area, comfortable towels.

Enjoy the smell of the salty air and the feeling of the rejuvenating therapeutic natural mud of the Dead Sea.

Enjoy shuttle service from the helicopter to the waterline and back, ensuring convenience and comfort.

Relish in complimentary drinks, including a selection of cold, hot, and alcoholic beverages, as well as around-the-clock VIP service.

Conclude the beach experience and savor an authentic Israeli breakfast.

Take off from the beach and fly past Einot Tsukim, appreciating the stunning natural beauty.

Marvel at the modern sights of Jerusalem New City from the air.

1 PM: Land safely at the Rishon LeZion helipad, concluding the unforgettable VIP tour.

Please note that the above itinerary is just a guide and can be tailor made according to your preferences and specific interests.


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