Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive promotions, rates, benefits and Core Program  components, including daily breakfast for up to two guests,  upgrade on arrival (subject to availability), complimentary  Wi-Fi, rate and value parity with competing programs and an  additional, often exclusive, Virtuoso amenity which can  include one of the following:
  • $100 hotel or resort credit, once during stay
  • Dinner for two (exclusive of alcohol and gratuities)  once during stay
  • $100 spa credit, once during stay
  • VIP recognition of Virtuoso guests upon arrival
  • Dedicated, on-property relationships
  • High product confidence due to stringent application  requirements and recommendations from fellow Virtuoso  travel advisors



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Why us

we do more to make your travel exceptional

Personalized assistance

Personalized assistance and dedicated concierge service: a single point of contact to handle all your visit needs.

Customized packages

Tailored to your preferences and interests. Unique experiences and exclusive add-ons.

Value-added services

Additional benefits, surprise gifts, access to special events, VIP in-destination experiences.

Hassle-free experience

Fast service and peace of mind that comes with booking through our service.

Loyalty programs

Auto-enroll that rewards repeat customers with exclusive perks and discounts, access to VIP services.

Protecting our Planet

We only operate in tailored and luxury travel, so you will always speak with an expert in this area.